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What happened?

Have you ever worked on something,  but then make one little mistake that cost you everything?  This recently happened to me.

 What happened


Everyone knows or should know how hard I worked on this blog for 3 months,  but something happened and I lost all of my content.  So here is the real story of what happened,  sit back and buckle up this last month has been very eventful.

Stone sent me an email explaining that he pays for my hosting to promote his money making website.  Well I changed everything from my landing page to the way I write.  Its not so much what I blog about,  but the landing page.

I was offered a few options,  but I chose to keep this platform instead of finding a new host. Which in turn cost me everything I had worked on cause I gave him permission to reset my website,  and start from scratch.

       The new site

I’m back

So I plan to bring most of my content back, but make it better.  Before my website was wiped clean I was battling bipolar disorder,  but I wasn’t being treated as you could probably tell cause I was everywhere trying to write about everything.

After my website was wiped clean I went for inpatient in Clinton Oklahoma to get the help I needed.  With a new mindset I now feel comfortable enough to be back, and bring all my best writing.  I will continue to promote plug in profits so my landing page may throw everyone for a loop,  but I was given permission to write about whatever I want.

        My other project

Before I made my return I had another thought on this bitcoin movement everyone is raving about.  Being the skeptic I am I joined a free program to get my bitcoins,  and will keep an update for that here.

Before those was a faith based blog,  and with everything that’s gone on I think I should continue down that road cause God is always Good even when we don’t see it or believe it. Thank you all for your patients and understanding.

Please share this so everyone can know I’m back and improved.

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